I grew up around several looms in my mother’s atelier in Switzerland. And from time to time I played violoncello with my family quartett or drums in a teeny 80ies punk band called «Pudding».

My first apprentice was banging metal (jewelery design), recording and sampling, record and really getting into sound. First sound composition was in 1991 «die metallurgische symphonie» with loops of tape-to-tape-recordings.

During my New York times 1994-96, when I worked for special effects in film and theater, I discovered 16mm-film together with Nicoletta Wartmann. Our first short film «chicken» won gold award at the “New York Expo 1995” for experimental film. The soundtrack is composed by cutting and taping magnetic band.

12 years of autodidactic exploring and experimenting with sampling and composing electronic sound later I achieved da Masta of Sound at Sound Studies UdK in Berlin.

The most recent art project «Webstall» is a fusion of weaving and electronic music inspired by the barn in Pignia and the loom of my mother as well as from my trips to Mali since 2010. For my “pièce radiophonique” called «Mille fois» I travelled with my sound device until Pay Dogon in research of field recordings for a composition of a pièce radiophonique at the federal swiss Radio.

My current life is a fusion of Pignia, Zürich and Bamako, where I teach art and sound design as well as weave and manage Atelier Yiriba and Bamakoton.

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